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Monday, December 16, 2013

Birthday suit

So this week is my birthday! (This Wednesday the 18th, to be exact!) And I got to thinking of what my perfect birthday outfit would be if I could choose one... So for me this was it! Being that my birthday is in December and there is snow on the ground, a dress did not seem like the best option, and I also like to dress a little more casual than that for the most part. I love everything about this outfit though, if only it was really in my closet! For my birthday I am having a quiet dinner out with my bestfriend, also known as my mom! We are going out to sushi and just spending the evening together, nothing crazy! I am just a simple kind of girl... The craziest thing we will be doing is getting our nails done! That is about as flashy as I get... Except Chanel... I would willingly do flashy Chanel anyday! But for now, only in my dreams.. Anywho! I just thought it would be fun to make slash show you guys my Polyvore outfit I made for a change! I will also be sure to show you what I actually end up sporting for my big birthday fiesta.. Bye my favorite bloggies! xo Cass
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