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Thursday, December 19, 2013

My birthday!

Soooo in my last post I showed you guys what my ideal birthday outfit would be! But now I wanted to show you guys what I actually ended up wearing last night for my birthday!But to start let me just say it was a great birthday and I thank everyone who helped make it awesome! I went out to an amazing sushi dinner with my mom and then had my favorite cake for dessert! ( A red velvet bundt cake!) It was soooo good, I am a complete sushi fiend and that was pretty dang good! But as for my outfit I didn't quite wear my "perfect look". I actually wore a dress! Which I said I most likely would not end up wearing, but I felt pretty cute in it! I also wrote a post specifically on Dr. Marten's and what do you know! I ended up getting the exact ones I wanted! I am really glad I waited to get them because it meant so much more to me getting them as a gift instead of buying them for myself! I am so excited though and so absolutely in love! They are made for me it seems since they are called "Cassidy" and all! hehe.... But that was definitely really exciting to open up that gift to find them! I also got some other amazing gifts! I got a "weekender" bag from Betsey Johnson that is so adorbs that I have been wanting for so long! But now that I don't live home it is nice to have a cute bag to use for when I do travel on home, or as a carry on when I fly too! Because who wants to risk losing your luggage? Definitely not me..... And a gift my grandmother got me which I cannot wait to use... A gift certificate to get a massage! Ah I can hardly wait! I have never gotten a professional massage

but it 100% seems like something I could use! I have been so stressed out lately and what better way to wind down and relax than an hour long massage! It was an awesome night and I am so glad it ended up the way it did... Tomorrow night I am going to go to my grandmother's house to celebrate my birthday with my dad's side of the family! It should also be a pretty nice night so I cannot wait... By the way guys.. Christmas is less than a week away! Can you believe it? It is crazyness, but I cannot wait to be home for a couple days and be able to share some time with my family and a few of my close friends who also are going to be home for the holiday! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year! I love love love giving, and this year I think will be awesome. It was the first year I actually spent my own money to buy my whole family gifts, so it should be nice to see everyone's reactions. I hope you guys all have an amazing Christmas, and enjoy your time with all of your loved ones! I will try to write again before then!
What I'm wearing:
Dress- American Apparel
Sweater- Buckle
Tights- Forever 21
Necklace- Forever 21
Boots- Dr. Martens
Purse- Dooney & Burke
xo Cass

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