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Monday, November 11, 2013


Wow guys, it has been too long. I am sorry I have been slacking so hard these couple of weeks. It has been crazy though. Since my last post I have gone to LA and broken my computer... I currently have my computer hooked up to my TV so that I can use it as my screen, since I cracked the screen on my laptop. (Awesome right? I thought so...) Let me tell you though, it has also been an eye opening few weeks. While before my trip down to LA I was already planning in my mind to make a move down there, now I am completely set on the idea. Actually, mid-2014 I will officially make the big move! Prior trips I had taken I had either gone to the beach, or disneyland... But this was like nothing else. I saw places that just blew my mind, I felt so at home there and like myself... It all felt so natural. There is no place I could better picture my life in. As for my computer, well it is also crazy... The screen has been cracking everytime I open and close it, and HP refuses to fix it although it is a manufacturing issue. So, I am currently in the process of buying a new screen for it and trying to find the cheapest place possible to fix it. It is crazy how much computers can cost you. Buy a 200 dollar computer it lasts forever, buy an 800 dollar computer is cracks within the first 6 months. It makes zero sense. Anyways guys, I just wanted to let you know I was not abandoning you or my blog! I will post much more fashion related stuff from now on... Since I got my laptop rigged to the TV.... Ah! Hope everyone is having a good Veteran's Day! 
xo Cass