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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Come and get it!

Wow guys, I am a little late on this post.... BUT, nevertheless... Can we please take a second to talk about how scorching hot Selena Gomez looked at the Flaunt Magazine party? Since her split with Justin Bieber, she has completely blossomed into the sexy woman she is! She has been hitting it good this past year, but this... this I could not just over look! She was completely flawless! I love every single this about her look. Like I said before, FLAWLESS! My jaw dropped the first time one of these photos popped up! I am just obsessed....Another one of her looks I really liked this year also was at the VMA's.... While I did not like her hairstyle with the outfit, her dress was perfection... She is definitely changing her style and I am loving it! I can't wait to see
what other hot looks she wears this upcoming year! I hope she continues to be spot on like she is here... (P.S. Can I have this dress please) 


xo Cass
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