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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Turrrrtle, tuuuurtle

So how do you guys feel about turtle necks? I am really into them right now and have been searching for the perfect one. And when I say turtle necks, I mean a good turtle neck sweater! Nice, thick, and warm! Not too tight around the neck, but not quite a cowl neck either! I personally am 5'1 with a super short torso, so I have a hard time finding over-sized clothes that don't just look too big! And for my turtle-neck sweater vision, I am wearing a baggy, but cute, slouchy sweater! I usually find that to find clothes that fit me exactly how I want, I need to pay more! Oh what I do for fashion... Anyways though, the search is on and I hope I find the perfect one soon.. Do any of you guys have this same problem? If so give the rest of us some tips on where you shop for loose clothes! Or show us your favorite turtle neck! We are interested in seeing! It has been getting colder day by day and therefore the need for this to not only be in my closet, but on my body is detrimental! I need it ASAP! Because of course I can't be satisfied with the sweaters I already have ;)
xo Cass
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