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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Onto the dark side...

With the cold days slowly approaching... I have been thinking about how I am going to change my look from summer to winter! Well the decision I came to was dark lipstick.. I really love this look but never could think of a good time to wear it, or how to pull it off. Yet as time goes on, becomes less of a big deal to me and more of a must-have! Therefore, winter is the perfect time! Now... When I say dark, I do not mean black! ha ha I'm sure you guys knew this, but just wanted to make it clear for everyone! My favorite is a dark maroon, or an almost brown red... When shopping around Sephora to find my favorite shade, I found NARS Fast Ride! It was perfect for me! Matched my skin tone and just everything perfecccctly! I am in love! I just want the weather to regulate now so I can start to wear it! I mean I am a tanning queen, and therefore love the sun.. But I am definitely ready to wear sweaters and dark lipstick! Are you guys with me? Tell me if you have found a good shade too! That way we can all try out some different ones and maybe find a better one than we are packing now! Hope you guys are having a good week!
xo Cass
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