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Friday, September 27, 2013

Rock that pony tail!

Goodmorning my bloggers! This Friday morning I am not going to show you guys whats the hottest new skirt or model, I'm going to talk about beauty! Hair! This morning I am preparing myself (mentally, physically, emotionally) to get my hair done in just a few short hours! I don't know how many of you are as particular about their hair as me, but I'm telling you... I take it seriously! You could say I am a little overprotective when it comes to these locks! And not to sound cocky... But I have good hair! The hair gods blessed me... 

That is me and my luscious locks a few months ago at graduation... Not too bad, eh? So right now I have a not so noticeable, kind of natural looking ombre going on! Well when I go in today, I am going to get this ombre re-done! It is going to be more noticeable and just perfection! I say perfection because I was also blessed with an amazing hair-stylist! She gets it spot on everytime! Which I cannot say about every hair dresser I have ever gone to... I have had lots of different hair colors and styles... But so far this is the look I have been most pleased with! So what do you guys think.. Should we do a photo montage of a few other hair looks I have had? Yup! Ready.. Set.. Let's go!

So from the top!
We have dark brunette Cass, high-lights Cass, and red-headed Cass! And also in between these, there was a blonde Cass! But sadly I do not have a good photo of that because it was very short-lived...
Usually 99% of the time I end up reverting to dark brunette hair, but I am trying to stay out of the box! And later today I will have an all new picture to show you and to add to my hair photo's montage! I can't wait, can you? Ombre here I come! Well come to again and better? We'll see I guess! Until then... xo Cass
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