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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Today has been a cold one for sure, and that being said it definitely got me thinking about putting on a nice and cozy outfit! Well trust me, I look like no fashionista right now with my leggings and high socks over them... BUT I assure you when I was going to class today I looked a little more fashionable!
Back to the point though, it's hard to still be able to (or want to) dress super cute and stylish when it's freezing cold outside! This got me to thinking about things that can keep you warm and cute! While I did come up with many ideas ,that I will tell you guys about later, the first one that popped into my head was a fur vest!
Fur vests are totally cute and in style right now, plus they will help keep you all warm and bundled up! That being said, please make sure you layer when wearing a fur vest because without some extra layers underneath, I can't promise that you will not be shivering until you turn into an ice cube! LAYER LAYER LAYER! 
 Well, what do you guys think? Does she, or does she not, look super cute and comfortable! These fur vests are going to be a total must have these two cold seasons we have ahead of us so I beg you to take my advice and go get one now! And if you are as chilly as me, maybe go buy a coffee too! :)
xo Cass
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