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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Holographic Thinking

Hello bloggies! Today I wanted to talk about an obsession I have had for awhile.. Hologram! I am totally infatuated with the idea of hologram everything.. I have also become a clutch instead of purse girl, and my most specific source of this obsession sprouted from the first time I saw a Marc Jacobs hologram clutch... If only I had the money to splurge on one! Either way though, it completely stole my heart. But luckily, that is not the only thing that is being made hologram! There are shoes too! These at least are the two things I have noticed the most of in hologram... Do you guys know of anything else you have seen lately in this popular material? Because if you do please tell me.. I may need whatever it is! Also, not exactly on the topic of hologram, but another clutch material that I am also obsessed with is clear! It is so edgy but yet clean cut... (as long as you keep a clean purse). Totally cute! But I was searching the web the other day for hologram clutches and I saw the most amazing thing.. People making DIY hologram clutches! Is that awesome or what? Now I probably won't be one of the people to attempt this because that really is not my forte... But if anyone else thinks that they may have a hand for creating such a magnificent thing, please try! Let us all know how it goes too and maybe, just maybe, it can give some of the rest of us the courage to try for ourselves! Please please give me your feedback and show us all your creative skills! Make anything hologram! It doesn't even have to be a clutch! Let those hands work their magic! For those of you who still do not know what I am talking about.. There is RiRi rocking a Stella Mccartney clutch! P.S. I am also obsessed with Rhianna! She is just a powerful woman and gorgeous!
xo Cass
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