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Monday, January 20, 2014

la la land

Hi guys! As you can probably see from my posts lately, I have been all consumed in Polyvore! I have been a part of Polyvore for about two years now, but not until recently had I started actually utilizing the website for my own pleasure. It is totally fun! And a great way to keep your eye fresh when it comes to fashion and putting outfits together. So I made another trip down to L.A. this past week, and just let me say, I cannot wait to get my life started down there. There are just certain things that set your heart on fire and bring you pure joy and being down in Los Angeles is one of those things for me, it just feels so right. I am aching already for my next trip down! I am going to post again later tonight related to fashion, and not just polyvore! ha ha ha! But I just wanted to update you guys and let you know I haven't left you! Talk to you guys soon!!!!!
xo Cass
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